August, 2015


Survival: Surviving with water.


In this video Dr. Anja Whittington teaches us about water purification in a wilderness survival situation. She covers four great ways to make drinking water safe to drink and talks a bit about the side effects and risks posed by not making the water safe before drinking it.

This was also a project for


Build your own and order our plans or we can build for you. Not difficult but there are some shop modifications required to get the most out of the target driver. Much cheaper than others on the market and very versatile. Archery, center fire, and airsoft shooters will like the ease of changing target distance, angle and have a moving target too! CLICK ON THE PICTURES TO CHECK OUT OUR T-SHIRTS CLICK ON THE PICTURES TO CHECK OUT OUR T-SHIRTS CLICK ON THE PICTURES TO CHECK OUT OUR T-SHIRTS CLICKRead More

Save Big Bucks on Survival Food

Check this link out for a great way to save money and store up some food that is reported to feed a family of four for less than $300.00. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW TO DO THIS. Watch the video if you please and sign up for our family survival course/  


War has been with the human race forever. Pray for peace and our troops in Korea.


GOT BORED KIDS? Finding Freddy is a new online course written for the family who wants to learn survival skills and disaster preparation. This project was designed around the concept of looking for a lost dog that will be a challenge to find. Before the participate strikes off they must learn navigation skills, survival skills, and first aid. Lessons include: map and compass navigation without a map and compass survival skills first aid geography clue solving and more Each lesson has a self scoring quiz and the course also offersRead More



The all knowing EPA just made a big mess and folks who live near this river are in jeopardy concerning their wells and the health of  the river. Disasters happen quickly so it is a very good practice to have water stored in your home. Plan on at least one gallon per day per family member. Water treatment devices and chemicals are also good to have on hand. Unscented  household bleach will knock out the bugs and bacteria, but will not take care of chemicals. This book has great waterRead More

3 War on America 2015: Iran’s Billions

1. War on America Source: Iran Deal Would Increase Terrorist Financing By $3.1 Billion | The Daily Caller 2. Terrified Conservatives Furious Over Iran Nuclear Deal Conservative opposition to the recent Iran nuclear deal has reached the Senate and the streets of New York City. In the Senate, John Kerry vociferously defended the deal against Republican critics. Also, a few thousand New Yorkers took to the streets with signs protesting the deal. TYT hosts John Iadarola (Think Tank) and Jimmy Dore (The Jimmy Dore Show) break it down. Tell usRead More


1. WAR ON AMERICA :HOW TO DESTROY ISRAEL Amid the “fog” of the nuclear deal with Iran we keep hearing of threats against the GREAT SATAN and Israel. This book might be available in America one day and we can hope our president and Congress will read it. Source: Facebook 2. WAR ON AMERICA: THREATS FROM WITHIN Instead of looking for solutions this man calls for outright murder. Some could take his words as self defense, but I am not buying that line. Source: Louis Farrakhan: If the Federal GovernmentRead More