July, 2016



  Your free download is above the cover. We hope you find the information valuable and will become proactive in preparing for disasters. Coming soon webinar part 2 how to size a generator for your office. The generator below is one I own and operate and has been very reliable. This size will work for most small office operations, but as mentioned above I will be holding Part 2 on Preparing Your Business For Disaster where we will show you how to size a generator for your needs. [instantazon id=’wpis_1470172705′]

Office Disaster Preparation

I have chosen Amazon for most of my disaster prep supplies because as a Prime member free shipping is available on most of their products. Also over the years if there is a problem with a product I have been able to return it with no hassles and receive a prompt refund. This is important in today’s online shopping and I highly recommend becoming a Prime member if you are not already. As an Amazon affiliate, I am proud to offer these products to help your business become prepared andRead More

Business Disaster Preparation and Why You Must

Watch a car disappear on a bridge. Most of us think it won’t happen to me. We often think about getting our business prepared but the phone rings, Jack calls in late, or something in the office or plant needs everyone’s attention and the thought about becoming ready for a disaster gets put on the back burner or thrown out the door completely. Believe me I know. I have held several management positions over the years and the demands on time and brain capacity can be overwhelming. This problem isRead More