October, 2016


Survival Mindset

        Thankfully most of us will never be caught in a situation where we have to worry about fire, shelter, water and food. Planes do crash, folks get lost in the woods, and having survival skills could save your life. But what about everyday survival at work, in your business, or after any devastating loss of money or the death of a loved one? Our greatest survival tool is our mindset and the following was excerpted from a military survival manual that offers some great advice toRead More

Prepping for times when things are “normal”

Recently a story was told to me that made me slap my forehead. A young man old enough to be married was on a road trip from a major urban area to a remote small town here in Oregon. Enroute he blew a tire and had to wait 2 hours for a tire company to come and change his tire as the man did not know how to accomplish this common and important task. The question was raised to him; ” What would happen if you had to wait 2Read More

When To Bug Out

Obviously when word is sent out to evacuate it is time to move. The trick is to beat the rest of the the herd; especially if you live in a sprawling urban area. Having your stuff in one location ready to load will save time and confusion if you are faced with a short notice to bug out. The longer you fuss and try to take what is vital the longer line you will face on the highway.  Most likely traffic will be at a crawl or stopped and whenRead More

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Making Bio Gas

This concept is being used in many countries where the income will not support purchasing fossil fuels to cook with or heat with. You can make your own gas for cooking and the other by product is liquid fertilizer to apply on your vegetable garden. I hope to have both useable gas and fertilizer by next summer as I have been dumping kitchen waste and fish waste in the container since late fall. Over 3,000 concerned folks have taken this course. If you are not up to speed with yourRead More

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