As a former marine and having made it to the age of 67 I have learned a few things and obviously survived a few kinks and challenges life has tossed at me.

As I look back and forward and attempt to use my life lessonsĀ  to meet the challenges of our ever changing and often dangerous world I have come to understand that those changes and challenges must be met with a proactive attitude.

Those days in Vietnam actually started my education and desire to be prepared and educated for what may come. All though it is impossible to prepare for every event it is possible to structure a smart approach that will save you money in the long run when it comes to feeding yourself and your family. Water, food, and shelter are the three basic elements that all of us need to survive, and I can testify that running out of water is not an experience that can be listed in the fun and entertaining category.

The goals of this website are to present viable and sensible information to help you prepare for most disasters. When I say most I mean we can never fully prepare for things like a death in the family, divorce, or rocks falling out of the sky. What we can do is wrap our minds around the need to become prudent preppers for those kinks that can come our way. Unless you live under your own private rock it must be clear that we have numerous threats to our safety and well being.

The one threat that our government is afraid to discuss is our out of control national debt, and more than one private brain trust states that ” the biggest threat to America’s national security is financial collapse.”

Then of course we have Mother Nature who can be a bit cranky at times, those mad- in -the- head terrorists don’t want to leave us alone, and then space weather could decimate our electrical grid and send us back to the dark ages.

You will hear the term ‘normalcy bliss’ more than once when you read our reports and watch our videos and the only way to prepare is to take the first step and understand that things today are far from normal.