self defense



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If you are not into packing actual firearms this is a viable alternative to buy time by stopping or distracting an assault. Generally speaking it is better to give the money if that is what the thug is after. Personally speaking as for me anything is better than nothing. CLICK HERE for more information Uber info is a new Facebook group designed to bring you very vital information. Please join and avoid the information overload.

How To Survive And Or Avoid a CarJacking

Why Theres Never Been A More Important Time To Learn Easy SELF DEFENSE

  NO BETTER SELF DEFENSE INSTRUCTION Like most people I have little time to go train in the fine art of Judo, Karate, or any of those fighting skills that are becoming more important every day. We do live in a violent world, and we can either hope attacks never come our way or we can take proactive steps to be prepared. I don’t need to blather much on the subject because the news does a fine job of reporting terror attacks, murder in the streets, and home evasions. IRead More