survival skills



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If you are not into packing actual firearms this is a viable alternative to buy time by stopping or distracting an assault. Generally speaking it is better to give the money if that is what the thug is after. Personally speaking as for me anything is better than nothing. CLICK HERE for more information Uber info is a new Facebook group designed to bring you very vital information. Please join and avoid the information overload.

How To Survive And Or Avoid a CarJacking

Making Bio Gas

This concept is being used in many countries where the income will not support purchasing fossil fuels to cook with or heat with. You can make your own gas for cooking and the other by product is liquid fertilizer to apply on your vegetable garden. I hope to have both useable gas and fertilizer by next summer as I have been dumping kitchen waste and fish waste in the container since late fall. Over 3,000 concerned folks have taken this course. If you are not up to speed with yourRead More