The Lost Ways Will Help You Find The Way 
The LOST WAYS presents very valuable information about how our ancestors survived without all the niceties we have today. Click on the banner or book above to learn how to make a super food that will last years without refrigeration and a whole lot more.

What You'll Learn Inside...
Why it could be a mistake to have a permanently mounted generator
What is the best type of fuel to operate a generator on?
What is a good size?
What kind of lighting is the best if your electrical system is down.
And more. 
Learn about a quick temporary office that won't cost you an arm and a leg. 
If your building is destroyed or condemned what is a quick way to re-open and keep your customers happy?This won't work for everyone, but if you business is not inventory dependent it could save your operation from losing customers.  
Things you will need to keep operating. 
Water is always number one on the list, but to keep operating if your building suffers serious damage our comprehensive list and where to get your needful items is all in this publication.
Why it is important to encourage your employees to prepare.
No one knows how a major earthquake will impact your company and your employees. If your employees are ready they can be better suited to show up for work to help sustain your company.
Wayne Standiford is a Marine Vietnam Veteran who has authored several books in the survival niche. As a recon marine Wayne learned much about surviving with just a pack and canteen. Wayne understands we live in perilous times and works to advise businesses and individuals to prepare for disasters and terror attacks,  
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